1. I made an order, when is going to be shipped?

Usually we dispatch the oreders in the next day after they are being submited and the payment has been received. 

2. How long will take until I will receive my products?

IF you are from the E.U, it usually take 4 to 7 working days for the products to be delivered. 

3. One of my produts is defected ( the bottle is broken... etc)

We are comitted to satisfy our clients, so without exception, we are going to deliver back again your defective product. All we need is a photo of the broken item.

4. I don't have an paypal account. Can I still buy your products? 

Yes, of course. Even you don't own a Paypal Account, you can stil pay through Paypal. 

5. The product I want to order is no longer in stock.

Our stock management is well set up so usually doesn't take more than a week for our suppliers to provide us with the missing product.



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